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企业简介 Enterprise brief introduction
long8手机版客户端官网下载尓建材坐落于钟灵毓秀之地,沂蒙红色热土—临沂。千里泽被的沂蒙福地,造化钟秀;开拓奋进的long8手机版客户端官网下载尓人以温润笔墨,书写着诚long8手机版客户端官网下载为本,卓尔不凡的企业long8手机版客户端官网下载条。 公司成立于2017年,成为一家集科研、生产、销售、加工为一体的综合性龙头建材企业。产品涉及真石漆、仿石漆、内外墙乳胶漆、防水涂料等产品。 Founded in 2017, the company has become a comprehensive leading building materials enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and processing. The products involve genuine stone paint, imitation stone paint, interior and exterior latex paint, waterproof coating and other products, and have won the honor of China famous brand, China famous and excellent products, top ten brands in the industry, China energy conservation and environmental protection products.
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